Veterinary Housecalls

Cedar Grove

Some people only use our service for in-home euthanasia.  Most dogs and cats are anxious when they go into a veterinary hospital and some large dogs are no longer able to get into the car without pain.  In-home euthanasia removes or at least greatly reduces your pet's stress when the time comes to say good-bye.

When we perform euthanasia, our patient first receives a generous dose of a narcotic/sedative cocktail slipped under the skin with a tiny needle. Most dogs and cats don't notice or seem to mind this injection, but there are a few that do.  The good news for those that do notice the shot, it is over quickly.  Once absorbed, this cocktail relieves anxiety and pain, causes dissociation and sleep.  This first injection usually takes 5-15 minutes to effect.  Once our patient is no longer responsive to stimuli, we administer an overdose of Pentobarbital in the vein for the euthanasia.  We do not place an IV catheter for this procedure.  Pentobarbital puts the brain to sleep first and permanently, then the breathing stops, then the heart stops.  This is important to know because it means the brain is gone before the body and there is no pain felt.  Our goal is to make the process as peaceful as possible for all involved.


CAT   $175          

DOG   <25 LBS.  $195      26 - 50 LBS.  $215      51 - 90 LBS.  $245      91 - 130 LBS.  $285      131 - 170 LBS.  $305     171 -  220 LBS.  $335


Our housecall fee is based on mileage and covers our round-trip time investment.  The housecall fee structure is determined by ONE-WAY mileage from our home base near the Deming Log Show Grounds to your location (using Google Maps).  We travel only within Whatcom County.  However, we do not travel to Lummi Island or Point Roberts.  You may call or email us to help you determine the fee to your location.  

1 - 5 miles              $70
5.1 - 10 miles         $80
10.1 - 15 miles       $90
15.1 - 20 miles       $100
20.1 - 25 miles       $125
25.1 - 30 miles       $150
30.1 - 40 miles       $180



We work with two cremation companies.  We trust them both.  

West Coast Pet Memorial Services:

The crematorium is located in Snohomish County, WA and provides both Communal and Individual Cremation. The cremation fee includes us removing your pet from your home and making the arrangements with the crematorium.  

If you do not want your pet's ashes returned to you, you may select communal cremation which means multiple pets are cremated together and their ashes are scattered in the Cascades.

Communal Cremation:      1 - 40 lbs.   $90      41 - 70 lbs.   $105       71 - 100 lbs.  $125     101 - 150 lbs.  $155      151 - 190 lbs.  $175

If you choose individual cremation, your pet will be cremated alone within their own steel tray.  Their ashes will be returned to you in your choice of 8 complimentary urns (please scroll down to see options).  A brass nameplate or etching at additional cost is optional.
The return of ashes from an individual cremation takes an average of 10-14 days including the travel time for us to return your pet's ashes to you. The aftercare package includes a cremation certificate, a clay paw print impression, and is complimentary with an individual cremation.

Individual Cremation:     1 - 40 lbs.  $230     41 - 70 lbs.  $245     71 - 100 lbs.  $265     101 - 150 lbs.  $285     151 - 190 lbs.  $315   

Radiant Heart:

Radiant Heart is a pet crematorium in Bellingham.  They offer exceptional after-care services and products including pawprints and/or nose prints, a wide variety of urns, and many other items to memorialize your pet.  Witnessed private cremations can be arranged.  If you would like us to coordinate the transportation of your pet to Radiant Heart, please inform us in advance so we can make timing arrangements and advise you if there will be a transport fee.  You will pay Radiant Heart directly for their services, and you will pick up your pet's ashes from their facility. 

Please visit Radiant Heart's website at for more information.


We accept cash, checks, debit cards, VISA, M/C, Discover, and American Express at the time of service.