Veterinary Housecalls

Cedar Grove


Once we become your pet's veterinarian, we are available to you 7 days a week (occasional holidays excluded) and after normal business hours whenever possible.  We are dedicated to our clients and strive to provide excellent care and communication.  We are happy to communicate via phone or e-mail.  We specialize in complicated cases and take the time necessary to help you understand difficult terminology and disease processes.  

At this time, we are no longer accepting new clients for patient examinations, consultations, or continued care.  If we've provided your pet(s) regular care in the past, and you add a new family member, you are an existing client and we'd be happy to continue providing service.

We are still available for in-home euthanasia for new clients.  We do our best to accommodate these requests, but our current clientele is keeping our schedule fairly full.  Please try to plan ahead for in-home euthanasia if you have a pet with a terminal illness or mobility problems.

You may want to check back monthly to see if we are accepting new clients.  Our priority is serving our current clients/patients and providing as many home euthanasias that we can fit into our schedule.  
We cover most of Whatcom county, but we do not travel to Lummi Island or Point Roberts. Our services are limited to Whatcom County.

Our housecall fees are based on mileage and cover our round-trip time investment.  The housecall fee structure is determined by ONE-WAY mileage from our home base near the Deming Log Show Grounds to your location.  You may call or email us to help you determine the fee to your location.  


1 - 5 miles              $70
5.1 - 10 miles         $80
10.1 - 15 miles       $90
15.1 - 20 miles       $100
20.1 - 25 miles       $125
25.1 - 30 miles       $150

30.1 - 35 miles       $180



All the below procedures are in addition to the housecall fee.  This is not a complete listing of services, only some of our more common fees.


Exam/Regular Consult   $60               2nd Pet/same visit   $55           3rd Pet, etc./same visit   $50        Recheck/limited exam  $50

Extended Consult   $10 per 5 minutes        Phone/E-mail Consult (business hours)   $35        Phone/E-mail Consult (extended or after hours)   $50


CATS:     FVRCP* (1 of series)  $25        FVRCP* (1 or 3 yr)  $35          FeLV*  $40         Rabies* (1 yr)  $35  (*non-adjuvanted Merial PureVax)

DOGS:    DHPP (1 of series)  $30        DHPP (1 or 3 yr)  $35        Rabies (1 yr or 3 yr)  $35        Leptospirosis  $35       Bordetella  $35

MICROCHIP IMPLANT (T-CHIP by 24 hr Pet Watch):  $50 includes international, temperature reading microchip with lifetime registration



DOMESTIC:   $95  (includes one exam)
INTERNATIONAL:  $175 (includes one exam)



We accept cash, checks, debit cards, VISA, M/C, Discover, and American Express at the time of service.